Sunday, October 28, 2007

Adult Vaccination Update

As it does regularly, the CDC revised its recommendations for adult vaccinations. Now adults who are worried about shingles or zoster, which is a very painful skin eruption that typically occurs in older adults, can get vaccinated at 60 years of age. Also new is the recommendation that all adults without proof of immunity to the chicken pox (varicella) virus should get vaccinated.

Not sure what immunizations you need? Print out the adult vaccination schedule and have your doctor explain. It's the easiest way to make sense of the alphabet soup of immunizations. In the 21st century as an increasingly number of bacteria are more resistant to antibiotics and viruses exist that can cause debilitating illnesses, vaccinations continue to have a role in keeping people healthy. Most of us immunize our children. Adults deserve the same level of care. Talk with your doctor the next time you see her.

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