Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Adults Often Skip Doctor's Treatment

In a Harris Interactive / Wall Street Journal survey titled Many U.S. Adults Disregard Doctors' Course of Treatment a surprising number of individuals (44 percent) reported not following a doctor's recommendations because they felt the treatment was unnecessary or overly aggressive. One in five sought a second opinion because the recommended treatment was perceived as too aggressive.

Over half believed the reason for this over treatment was due to doctors protecting themselves from potential lawsuits. Over 40 percent felt it was because doctors were catering to patient demands or for doctors to make more money. One out of four felt the unnecessary added care was due to faulty medical diagnosis or fast and easy decisions.

Are the results surprising? It sounds like plenty of miscommunication between patients and doctors. With face to face time with doctors getting shorter, it is even more important that you say the right things and that you are heard otherwise you may get more than you ask for.

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