Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Pick Good Health Insurance - Your Life Depends on It.

Unless your doctor is a policy expert, in healthcare administration, a researcher, an author or blogger, I seriously doubt he will be reviewing an important report card that helps you pick the best health insurance plan that keeps you healthy.  Published annually by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), this year's report card ranks 227 health plans across the country on their ability to keep you healthy and well, treat you quickly, and how patients feel about their insurance coverage.

Because unlike banking or airlines where there is not much difference in ATM machines or planes, there is a big difference in whether a health insurance plan helps in keeping its enrollees healthy.  Do children get their vaccinations?  Do healthy mothers get screened for breast cancer or cervical cancer with mammograms and pap smears respectively?  Do kids only get antibiotics appropriately for strep throat and not overtreated and unnecessarily when they have a viral illness or cold?  Are adults over 50 screened for colon cancer (something Dr. Oz can relate to).

You are incredibly busy living life.  Your health plan should proactively works with you and remind you to do the right thing?  It also helps doctors do the right thing.   

The NCQA report has been part of the US News and World Report best health plans over the past few years and will now be incorporated as part of Consumer Reports.

Be smart.  Be wise this year.  Trying to pick a health insurance plan seems easy.  They are all the same, right?  Simply look at the price.


This is different.

This isn't auto insurance.  This is your health.  You want the best.  Choose wisely because your life and those of your family depend on it.


Dave Drew said...

We went into the emergency room a while back, but called ahead to see if they accepted our insurance and they said yes. Here is the scam. When you get into the emergency bed after the long wait, they stuff more paperwork in your face to sign. These are the agreements that state you owe money because the doctors in the back are not on the hospital insurance. I was never so furious when the bills started coming in. If you plan on going to the emergency room, you will want to make sure you ask if the doctors are on the same insurance before you go. If you have a choice and the time, you will want to call ahead of time to all the hospitals to see if the doctors take your insurance. Then, you won't have to scramble when an emergency pops up. Thanks for this post.

Dave Drew
Money Saving Author

addypotter said...

With so many insurance companies out there it is hard to know what to choose. I am so grateful for any and all advice. I will check out the links in this article. Thanks!

Laura from said...

Finding the most suitable health insurance cover for your needs isn't always easy, but it is worth doing some quote comparison from various insurance providers before committing to anything. This way you can you determine which policy can give you the best coverage at the lowest possible rate.


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